We have 20 acres, fenced with pipe and cable, and non-climb horse fence. We have an eight stall barn with 2 cross tie areas, wash rack, feed and tack room and office with bar and bathroom.

We moved here in 2000 and immediately began construction on 2 mare sheds, both 12 X 24 divided into 2 stalls each, and the barn.

The stalls and grooming areas all have rubber mats and there is a fly-spray system in the barn. The barn was insulated for the cold in winter and to keep it cool in our hot Texas summers. It was also built tall and wide with windows out of each stall for ventilation.

The horses are all stalled at night and turned out in the morning according to the weather. We have coastal Bermuda pastures which we over-seed with rye grass in the winter.

Our pastures are fenced and cross fenced. We keep the mares usually two to a pasture and mares with babies separate from mares without babies.

Dillon has his own pasture where he is turned out everyday, weather permitting, to keep an eye on his girls. We are fortunate to be a small place in the center of a lot of large, I do mean Texas large, ranches.

Our neighbors have ranches in the 3,000 to 6,000 acre range and like true Texans with open doors and open hearts, they have given me the privilege of riding on their land, as long as I remember to close the gates behind me. It is like living in the middle of a state park. We have a gently rolling topography with creeks, trees and a small lake. Our home has a wrap around porch, perfect for sitting and enjoying the view of the pastures with spotted horses....